Notice a decline in mobility, balance, or strength?

Unable to do the things you used to do?

Looking for a way to take back control of your health?

Experience the Difference in Home Health with A Healthier You!

Since 2007, A Healthier You, LLP (A.H.Y.) has brought personalized physical therapy and wellness services to the doorsteps of Westchester, NY and lower Fairfield, CT residents. At, A Healthier You, we consider the whole person- mind, body, and spirit to ensure your personal best is achieved.

A Healthier You is Westchester and Fairfield County's one-stop home health and wellness resource!

The A.H.Y. approach is convenient, customized, and always considers the whole person. We simplify the process of improving your health by bringing our team of skilled wellness and health care professionals to your home or office.

A Healthier You provides an array of personalized in-home physical therapy, fitness, and alternative therapies. Our home physical therapy and wellness services cater to individuals of all abilities and ages throughout Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT.

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Choose A Healthier You to Move Better, Feel Better, and Live Better!

Unlike other Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT home physical therapy and wellness companies, A Healthier You’s home physical therapy and wellness services are personalized, comprehensive, and integrative.

Choose A.H.Y.’s integrative home physical therapy and wellness services to:

  • Recover from surgery or injury faster
  • Take back control of your health
  • Manage a chronic condition or pain effectively
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Achieve your personal best

Our experienced practitioners are licensed and/or certified in their areas of
expertise. Currently there are only 58 Board-Certified Neurological Clinical Specialists in NY and 9 in CT. A.H.Y. is proud to have one of these elite physical therapists on our team

Getting to know you is a priority. At A Healthier You, your concerns are our concerns. We believe strongly in continuity of care and promise you will not be bounced around or lost in the shuffle. Your A.H.Y. practitioner will work closely with you, your care givers and doctors throughout your care. You will receive our undivided attention during your one-on-one sessions.

We understand that life does not only happen from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We offer appointments from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays, and 9 6 p.m. on weekends. We are here for you when you need us most.

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A Healthier You Takes Home Physical Therapy to the Next Level!

A Healthier You provides personalized in-home physical therapy and wellness services in Westchester, NY and lower Fairfield, CT. Our practitioners are available to go to your home or place of business for early morning, evening and weekend appointments. This added convenience allows even the busiest individuals the opportunity to make improved health and well-being a priority.

Comprehensive and customized physical therapy is essential in achieving your personal physical therapy goals. A Healthier You’s practitioners take pride in applying research and proven techniques to help their clients achieve results. Our in-home physical therapy evaluations and treatments focus on improving mobility, reducing pain, and restoring physical function and independence.

A.H.Y. home physical therapy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Customized home exercise programs
  • Caregiver training and injury prevention
  • Home modification and safety assessments
  • Personalized home fitness and maintenance programs
  • Functional balance training
  • Fall prevention programs
  • Neurologic re-education and training
  • Orthopedic injury recovery
  • Cardiopulmonary endurance training
  • Vestibular rehabilitation programs

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Personalized Wellness Made Simple

Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT Home and Corporate Wellness Services

Knowing where to begin your journey toward wellness is challenging. We simplify the process by bringing our experts to you. In addition to in-home visits, A Healthier You (A.H.Y.) also provides wellness services to corporate facilities, small businesses, schools, and senior residences in Westchester, NY and lower Fairfield, CT.

A Healthier You, (A.H.Y.) is a physical therapy and wellness consulting business that provides services in Westchester, NY and lower Fairfield, CT. A Healthier You practitioners include an array of health and wellness professionals, working as a team to provide integrative and personalized services. Collaboration with clients, caregivers and physicians is a priority.

In addition to in-home visits, A Healthier You (A.H.Y.) also provides wellness services to corporate facilities, small businesses, schools, and senior residences in Westchester, NY and lower Fairfield, CT.

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Home Wellness Services

A.H.Y. Wellness Assessments determine health status, at risk behaviors, disease, disability and readiness for exercise. From various fitness and health screening we present personalized recommendations on health risk factor reduction, lifestyle modifications, exercise, and ways improve your quality of life. 

Residents of Westchester, NY and lower Fairfield, CT can choose from customized wellness programs as well as diagnosis specific programs for Osteoporosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Arthritis. Our comprehensive six to twelve week wellness programs provide you with the tools you need to take control of your health. Ongoing supervision and support through consultation with appropriate health care and wellness professionals are part of every A.H.Y. wellness program.

Corporate Wellness Services

A Healthier You’s corporate wellness packages include an array of assessments and fitness services that cater to the demands and needs of the corporate world. Our corporate wellness screenings can include: blood pressure, blood sugar, endurance/aerobic testing, flexibility, Body Mass Index, balance, strength, flexibility and additional assessments to help your employees achieve their full potentials.

A.H.Y. also offers topic specific educational programs to help home health care agencies and businesses in Westchester, NY and lower Fairfield, CT improve employee productivity and reduce the expense of work related injuries.

Community Wellness Services

Here at A Healthier You, we recognize the power of education and prevention in healthy living. We believe strongly in healthy lifestyles and communities. Being informed allows you to take that essential first step toward a balanced well-being.
In addition to A Healthier You home and corporate wellness programs, we provide wellness education seminars and wellness parties in Westchester, NY and lower Fairfield, CT.

A.H.Y. wellness seminars encourage positive health behaviors, teach prevention strategies, and provide tools to reduce risk of disease. Our wellness parties offer a fun opportunity to wellness related activities. Family and friends can embark on a wellness adventure at your home or an alternate venue. An A.H.Y. expert will guide your group through the activity of your choice in a fun and engaging way. Party themes range from massage to martial arts

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I have been extremely pleased with the services of Delali Goka and A Healthier You over the past few months. The services have been very professional, extensive and effective. I was also happy that Delali was able to provide the feedback necessary for my orthopaedic doctor to know of my status and make follow-up recommendations. He even complimented her thorough analysis! She was an important part of my overall treatment plan. As a result, my rotator shoulder cuff issue is doing much better and I strongly recommend the services of A Healthier You!  –C.B.

A Healthier You looked at the whole me and guided me every step of the way. Stacey took the time to get to know me and all my many health goals. It was a pleasant surprise to have a healthcare practitioner not only advise me, but also lead me step by step. Thank you Stacey. You were great!V.G.

I highly recommend “A Healthier You” wellness services. When I first started with Stacey, my neck and shoulders were extremely tight from sitting at a computer all day long and I had various other aches and pains from poor posture and general overuse of certain muscles. Stacey performed a very thorough evaluation in the comfort of my home and then designed a personalized program of stretching and strength training to address my particular weaknesses. She also advised me on how to set up my work spaces so that they are ergonomically correct and stressed that I stretch and take frequent breaks. It has been a month now that I have been following my customized program and it has made an enormous difference. The daily aches and pains are gone, my overall strength has increased, and I know what to do when my neck, shoulder or knee start acting up. This is a preventative service that everyone working in an office should use. Thank you so much Stacey, I am definitely a healthier me!P.Z.

Stacey Rittenberg's extensive clinical knowledge and experience have served her well.  My neuromuscular problems have greatly benefited from her perceptive and personalized therapy.
–H. K.

There are those that pretend to know how to help us to feeling better, and those that
genuinely know how to create wellness for their patients, Stacey Rittenberg is a
healer that really makes a difference for those that are smart enough to take
advantage of her healing powers.

Delali has great knowledge of her subject and is able to teach it to personnel in
the field. She is very personable and students like her.

A great place for your PT and wellness needs. –D.M.

We would love to hear from you too!

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