What can physical therapy do for you?

Nurse with senior man on wooden walkwayIf you are looking for an alternative to surgery and/or pain medication, consider working with one our physical therapists today. Physical Therapists are experts in the science of movement and specialize in mobility.  Steps To A Healthier You Physical Therapy, LLC (AHYPT) can help improve or restore the mobility you need to achieve the quality of life you desire.

Our personalized home physical therapy services can improve mobility, reduce pain, and restore physical function resulting from illness, injury, or chronic conditions. At AHYPT we recognize the essential roles of healthy lifestyles in achieving optimal wellness, preventing disease, and managing chronic conditions. AHYPT provides comprehensive home physical therapy in Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT.

Let our skilled physical therapists help you move better, feel better and live better now. AHYPT’s practitioners are trained to develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and function. Our practitioners take pride in applying research and proven techniques to help their clients achieve results.

Home Services

Offering You Peace of Mind in the Comfort of Your Own Home

lose-weight-fast-physical-therapy-home-exercise-program-kit-6Experience the same benefits of going to a clinic, without leaving the comfort of your home! If you are unable or do not wish to leave home to receive physical therapy services, don’t worry, we will come to you.

Being able to receive physical therapy services in the comfort of your home has many benefits. You can receive the care you need where you are most comfortable and relaxed. Your physical therapist can teach you and your caregivers how to assist you best where you spend most of your time.


Additional benefits of in-home physical therapy include:

  • Uninterrupted one-to-one care
  • Privacy during your recovery period
  • Convenience of therapy in your own home
  • Practice where you function and move most
  • No worries about traveling in inclement weather
  • Having a mobility expert evaluate your familiar surroundings for hazards
  • Decreased risk for falls
  • Empowerment through education
  • Improved quality of life Improved strength and flexibility
  • Increased independence and confidence
  • Pain Reduction
  • Peace of mind in the comfort of your home

It is our priority at A Healthier You Physical Therapy to help you or a loved one move better, relieve pain, and restore independence.

Meet our Therapists


A Healthier You specializes in providing Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT communities with personalized and comprehensive home health care. In addition to individual in-home physical therapy treatment sessions, we provide specialty physical therapy services and programs in the comfort of your home:

aqua ptAquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy includes the treatment of persons in an aquatic environment. The unique properties of water, include buoyancy and accommodative resistance that can enhance interventions for a variety of conditions across a wide age span. This service is available at your convenience, if private or home pool is available.

older-balance-ball-exerciseCustomized Home Exercise Portfolios

Our Home Exercise Programs (HEPs) includes three 1 hour sessions with a physical therapist. The first session will consist of safety guidelines and appropriate exercise selection. In the last two sessions, delivery of the portfolio and instruction of the established home exercise program will occur, to ensure safe performance and understanding of the recommended activities and exercises.

161763663_48b4cc80b1_oCaregiver Injury Prevention Training

This program provides caregivers with instruction on safe handling/proper guarding techniques and use of medical equipment with activities such as walking and home exercise. Basic body mechanics, safe lifting, and guarding techniques will be discussed and demonstrated.This service includes three 1 hour  sessions.

DSC_0107-1024x922Balance Training and Fall Prevention

Falls can diminish your ability to lead an active and independent life. AHYPT Physical therapists can help you reduce your risk of falling by assessing your risk of falling, provide home safety modifications/recommendations and custom balance exercises. This service includes three 1 hour  sessions.

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