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Spring Special
Work Out Makeovers & 50 % off AHYPT Personalized Exercise Program.

Recovering from an injury and looking to get back into the swing of things, but need help? Or perhaps in a funk with your present home exercise program?  If you are reading this and nodding, then our spring special is just for you!

Exercise is beneficial across the lifespan , a critical part of recovery after an injury, and a vital part of chronic disease management. Whether you are working to keep those 10 lbs off or recovering from an injury, let us help you each step along the way. At Steps To A Healthier You Physical Therapy,  a team of licensed physical therapist can design and instruct you in a safe  customized fitness/exercise program , that caters to your personal goals all in the comfort of your home!.  We make it easy by coming to you!

Get in shape and call now for 50% off an A Healthier You personalized exercise program this spring.  Custom and disease specific exercise programs include 6-10 sessions and range from $350-$1000. Email us at [email protected] or call 914 458 2249 for more information.

*Offer ends June 1, 2015



FREE Workspace and Office Ergonomic Screenings

Are you experiencing back ache or wrist pain after a long day at work?

Does your office and work area promote injury prevention?

Chances are your office or work environment is not set up to support your individual needs for safe movement — but rather set up for poor body mechanics and repetitive over use injuries.  This can be avoided through ergonomic assessment of your work environment and the equipment you use.

Our experts will come to your home office or workplace and provide personalized tips.

Learn more about ergonomics and how our FREE screening can take away those after work or school aches:

–>Call us Today to schedule your free screening: 914-458-2249